Photo by Erin Conger

Photo by Erin Conger



About Wallflower Design

Wallflower Design creates thoughtfully curated floral arrangements for events and collaborations of all kinds. We also provide weekly arrangements for private clients, restaurants and corporate accounts.

Our inspiration is drawn from our natural surroundings at a given moment in time. We collaborate closely with each client, creating floral arrangements that reflect their unique style and story.  We hand-select the most lovely and unusual blooms and foliage with each client in mind and with obsessive attention to detail.

Our clients are artists, creatives, and believers in the value of a life filled with beauty and craftsmanship.

ABOUT Eleanor

Eleanor Gerber-Siff is a Bay Area native. She has been working with flowers for nearly a decade, getting her start in a local flower shop, and going on to work with some of Bay Area's top floral design studios. Prior to launching Wallflower Design in 2014, Eleanor developed and managed the floral department at Bi-Rite, a duo of renowned artisan food markets in San Francisco. During her tenure there, she formed close relationships with local flower growers and the vendors of the San Francisco Flower Mart, gaining access to unique and beautiful flowers, fruit, and foliage. 

In her spare time, Eleanor can be found exploring Bay Area hiking trails, scouring Etsy for vintage cocktail glasses, and (very) occasionally staying up past 10 pm to catch a rock show.

Wallflower Design combines Eleanor's love of the natural world with her eye for elegant, balanced organic composition.